What are SARMs?


SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) are androgen receptor ligands.They have the same effects as anabolic steroids but are comparatively more selective in their action thus enabling them to have a wider range of use with fewer side effects

How Do They Work?

They selectively bind to androgen receptors and can either block or stimulate the receptors.Upon binding these receptors, they trigger a complex pathway which causes expression of specific genes which then act in the body parts such as muscle, joints to bring the effects.

Types of SARMs

There are different types of SARMs.The following is a sub-classification.

  • Those in clinical testing, for example, Ostarine(also referred to as Ostabolic), LGD-4033(also known as Anabolicum), BMS.
  • There are those in preclinical phase, for instance, JNJ, AC, S-40503/23, LGD-2226/3303
  • There are those that are no longer in development due to several reasons such as their adverse effects for example Andarine.

How To Use SARMs?

The oral route is key in the administration of SARMs. They come in liquid form. They are not to be taken by use of a cup or under the tongue(sublingual).Administration is by emitting into the mouth the dosage as required; then you can drink water or juice as a follow-up


There are different use of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators such as;

  • Recomp

    It is one of the most widespread effects of SARMs. They have this advantage over anabolic steroids which don’t burn fat. SARMs also add lean muscle mass thus having a double effect in Recomp. Combining SARMs with proper diet and cardio brings out great results.

  • Increase in muscle bulk

    Though not an everyday use of SARMs, its combination with weight training and an increase in calorie intake facilitates bulking

  • Increase in strength

    Due to the rapid binding to androgen receptors, they lead to an increase in power.Also, they have the ability to promote the healing of joints

  • Cutting

    SARMs decrease lipoprotein lipase enzyme which prevents fat from being added.


  • There are additional benefits of using SARMs such as;
  • They don’t cause liver toxicity, unlike steroids.
  • Some SARMs are undetectable.
  • The administration is through the oral route thus no injections are necessary.

Adverse side effects

  • Though comparatively safe, SARMs have harmful effects.Most of these effects show after long-term use of some of the some of which are;
  • They can cause gynecomastia in men.
  • They can contribute to virilization in women due to excessive androgenic effects.
  • They might cause undesirable skin lesions such as acne.
  • Early baldness in men especially those who are genetically predisposed already.
  • They can cause minimal suppression of testosterone in men
  • In some few cases, they cause blurriness of vision.


SARMs are drugs useful in burning fat, muscle bulking, an addition of lean muscle mass and many other uses such as anabolic androgenic steroids but with fewer adverse side effects.

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