Ultimate Forearm Training Program

The Rip-4 program by ripfast is a stunningly effective training system specifically for forearms, that leads to:

Bigger, stronger, ripped, defined forearms for a powerful grip and stronger wrists.

The program combines a synergistic range of super effective exercises for maximum results in short, sharp training sessions.


BEGINNERS: Start with 6 reps per movement.

EXPERIENCED: Perform 8 reps per movement.

Which Days?

Some people prefer to do forearm work on the same day as other arm training (eg: biceps and triceps). In this case, less warm up work is required. It also leads to a ‘cumulative stress’ (from all the various training pressures on the arm that day), and thus leads to more intense stress on the whole arm area. Others prefer to do it on days when they do no other arm work.

Try both, and see what days work best for you, feeling-wise, result-wise and pump-wise.

NOTE: For Maximum Effectiveness:

  • Take the muscle to positive failure (for in-depth info, see your Ripfast Training Systems Manual). Basically you should use a weight so heavy that you cannot perform more than 6-8 reps. The last 2 reps should be almost impossible.
  • Take very little, or ideally, zero rest between exercises.
  • Use perfect form. Perform the exercises exactly as shown, and precisely in the order shown. – Once you get used to the program, you can also introduce Ripfast Precion-1 & STERL% principles (as featured in your Ripfast Eternity Training Systems Manual).
  • An important factor in getting maximum benefit from ALL the following exercises is to grip the bar as if you want to make it crumble into dust! A super tight grip really improves strength, size and definition results.
  • When the routine becomes too easy, increase the weight.
  • If you require definition, more than too much mass in your forearms, don’t go too heavy on the weight that you use (we recommend this option only when your forearms become too big, or if you’re already happy with the size of you forearms).

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