How To Put A Home Gym Together

Ok, so just because you don’t have much money available at the moment, does this mean you can’t put a home gym together? No! It’s just a case of making the best of what you have available.

For example, all the equipment I use in my home gym for resistance workouts cost no more than $400. Nothing more! How am I able to perform all the exercises I need to with such inexpensive equipment? Because all my routines are made up using free weights. At present, no machines are involved what so ever.

I do believe machines have their place for certain exercises which simply cannot be performed any other way, but their drawbacks far outweigh the advantages. They are expensive, require a lot of space and don’t produce the kind of results that free weights are able to do.

So if you are wondering which piece of equipment you should be looking at first, it’s not a big fancy multi station machines, but a simple pair of high quality dumbbells… And that’s it!

They are especially good for the beginner for several reasons:

  • You don’t require a spotter for the majority of exercises, taking away the fear factor.
  • The range of exercises you will be able to perform is huge. Nothing is as versatile as a pair of dumbbells!
  • The space required is absolutely minimal. Just a few square feet in fact.

The important thing is that you take the first step and get some high quality equipment that you can start a routine with. They will last you a lift time, and as you gain strength it’s just a simple case of adding extra plates. And as you can get hold of a very good set for under $100 you have no excuse not to!

One other thing I would recommended though is that you learn how to use the dumbbells to their full effect. This is very important as trial and error will get you no where and into bad habits.

Therefore, I would recommended Dumbbell Routines & Exercises. This comprehensive, 89 page guide concentrates on nothing but getting the most out of your dumbbells and this makes it an ideal starting point if you are a beginner to this form of weights.

You’ll be shown exactly how to carry out exercises for every body part, with step by step instructions that I myself found really easy to follow. You will also receive 8 complete routines designed for a variety of
fitness levels, and a training log to keep track of your progress.

In my opinion, this is the IDEAL starting point for those starting out with a pair of dumbbells!

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