How To Do Pushup Correctly

Starting Position (A)

Get down on all fours and place your hands on the floor so that your hands are slightly wider than and in line with your shoulders.

(a) Make sure your arms are straight

(b) Your ankles and your head should be in a straight line

(c) To maintain  the stability of your hips with your upper body, squeeze your glutes and hold them for the entire movement

(d) Put your weight on your toes and make sure your legs are straight.

(e) Your feet should be put close together

(f) Squeeze your abdominal muscles and maintain the condition for entire movement. This is to stabilize your body and protect you from injury.

Second Move (B)

Lower your body until your chest almost touches the floor. Then, pause at the bottom followed by pushing yourself back to the starting position as fast as you can. If your your leg bend down at any point during the movement, your form is considered broken down. When this happens, take that as your last repetition and finish the set.

(a) Make sure your head remain in the same position from start to finish

(b) Tuck your elbows as you lower your body so that your upper arms form a 450degree angle with your body in the bottom position of the movement.

(c) Avoid your hip from dropping.

(d) Always make sure your core stay stiff.

If you find yourself difficult to complete a set of standard pushup, you can consider other variations of pushup.

Variation 1 – Incline Pushup

Place your hands on a stable object. This decrease the amount of your body weight your have to lift, making the workout easier. You can do this exercise on a staircase, moving to a lower step as your strength improve.

Variation 2 Modified Pushup

If you do not have any stable objects for you to perform incline pushup, you can consider this variation. Instead of doing the workout with your legs straight, bend your knees and cross your ankles behind you. This is another way to make the classic pushup easier.

If you think the standard pushup is too easy, and you would like to have a more challenging task, you can consider the following variation.

Variation 3 Decline Pushup

Instead of placing you feet on the floor, put them on an stable object such as bench or staircase. This will raise the amount of force on your pectoral muscle as you perform the exercise. Eventually, making the workout harder.

Variation 4 Swiss-Ball Pushup

Place your hands on a Swiss ball instead of the floor.

(a) Keep your core braced. Your chest should nearly touch the ball as you lower down your body.

(b) Hold the ball tightly , almost like you are trying to grab onto it.

P.S. To increase the number of pushups you can do, time how long it takes you to complete as many pushups as you can. The rest for the same time period, and repeat the process several times. So if you complete 20 pushups in 25 seconds, then you will take a rest for 25 seconds, and the repeat.

The difficulty of variations of pushup in increasing order is: Modified pushup < Incline Pushup < Pushup < Decline Pushup < Swiss-ball Pushup


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